Buxton Fringe Festival at the Paupers Pit, Old Hall Hotel 2015

Thursday 9th July @ 5.15 pm
Friday 10th July 8.45 pm
Thursday 16th July 5.15pm

Underground Venues (10): 9 Jul 5:15pm to 6:30pm, 10 Jul 8:45pm to 10pm, 16 Jul 5:15pm to 6:30pm £8 (Child and Conc £7) 
Bookings via undergroundvenues.co.uk. Bookings (noon-3pm) & info: 02081 440 070. Other prices/discounts available.


2084 is a brand new show appearing at the Buxton Fringe Festival during July 2015 (dates tbc) featuring original songs by Steve Roberts and Matt Hill (Quiet Loner). A conceptual music piece set in to the future where your every thought, movement and word are under surveillance. One Hundred years after George Orwell's nightmare vision what becomes of the human spirit?

This is a song cycle that is set in a fictional future but tells us a lot about the present and the past. What exactly is freedom? What exactly is at stake as we drift towards an ever increasing surveillance society.

Steve Roberts will play Winston Smith whose songs are of the of the dystopian society of 2084. Winston exists in a time where the human spirit has been defeated and subdued. Nobody trusts anyone. Everything you say, do, think and feel is monitored by the State machinery.

Matt Hill / Quiet Loner will play the part of 'the protest singer' -a ghostly voice from the late 20th century and early 21st century who crackles through from old technology. His is a voice of resistance and defiance to remind the inhabitants of 2084 of what once was.